Fosse Dogotel and Cattery

Dogs & Cats


All dogs housed in comfortable individual heated kennels with individual exercise runs. They are also exercised in grass and gravel pens.

The kennels are closed and locked at night or during inclement weather.

We offer high quality foods which include dry kibble, fresh, cooked and canned meat.

If you wish to provide your pets their own diet, we are happy to use it.

All dogs must be up to date with the usual vaccinations and we request sight of certificates

We do not insist on the Kennel Cough vaccine, however, if you do choose to have this done, it must be at least two weeks before admission to the kennels.


The cats are all housed in individual heated chalets with runs.

We also have larger pens which can take up to four cats from the same home.

We feed a high quality dried food but we also have a selection of wet food and you can supply your own food if you wish.

All cats must be vaccinated and certificates provided.

We do not accept un-neutered male cats over 6 months in age.

Open 7 Days A Week!
Call: 01285 860200