Fosse Dogotel and Cattery

Nursing Grooming & Services


Because of our considerable experience, we are able to continue with nursing care prescribed by your vet i.e. medication, tablets, ointment etc. Please note there may be a small extra charge for this.

Whilst every possible care and attention is given to your pet, Fosse Dogotel & Cattery accepts the pets at owners risk.

Should it be necessary to call a vet to treat your pet whilst in our care, all fees are payable by the owner.

Bitches in Season

At Fosse Dogotel & Cattery, we offer facilities to safely care for your bitch while in season.

Toys and Bedding

Your pets toys are welcome although we cannot guarantee their return. We provide clean hygienic bedding but if you do want to supply your own, it must be easily washable and of a size that we can fit into our washing machine.

Please note no bean bags or duvets.

Dog and Cat Nutrition

We use and are retailers for Nutram and Technical food which offer a wide range of diets including specialist diets for diabetes, kidney and obesity problems.

We are also happy to advise on any specific requirements .

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